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Lulin Serama

"Quality Begets Quality"

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These are seramas from the past years. Working on 2017 and have some very colorful fellows coming up along with whites, blacks, mottles and wheaten. Will post photos of 2017 soon.
As you can see, they develop both conformation, confidence and presence on the table.

Lulin Cafe con Leche- Reserve Ch. Cockerel .
same bird older Best of Breed Champion 2013

#1492  Brown-Gold-Black #2780 X Lucy 11 oz 

Lulin Ears to Ya!  Reserve Ch. Cock  9-8-12

Young  "Lulin Cyber Black" 1st time out- Reserve AOV American Serama

#1466  7 months old Black Tail

#1476   Black tail and gold

NW GA Poultry show 9-8-2012     Luis

Lulin Easy Day-  Reserve Best in TT Show - Champion Cockerel  9-8-2012

#326 black pullet, Champion Pullet-

Ch. Lulin Gilda-Champion Hen 9-8-2012
Mike Schmidt and Art Brock.

#1485  Lulin Coal Black  17oz 

 Without his tail feathers and STILL great 

#1477 Lulin American Idol #2780XGinger 
(now Champion)

#1493 Choc laced pullet 

623 white pullet - out of X-Factor



#42 black pullet hatched 2-14-14 "Lulin Valentine" 95x5297 SOLD

#55 Wheaten Cockerel hatched 3/29/14  1 week short of 4 months old.

Choclate speckled cocopop hen