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Lulin Serama

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There is such a big issue with the name "cocopop".  It is not a color, but a gene pool that is coming from one American Serama, who was named "Captain Cocopop".  This bird was owned by Grady Taylor and he got a lot of offspring from him and has inbred and linebred heavily to reduce size.
We purchased a Capt Cocopop son and a few others from that line.  This is a representative of the birds we have bred from them. It seems that a lot of varieties (colors) are within the cocopop genes.

Ch. Lulin Cafe con Leche

Cafe grandsons 2015

Cafe son- out of Idol daughter 2014

Silkied cocopop is a true recesive in the Cocopop

Duckwings in all colors are hidden in Cocopop

Ch. Lulin American Idol

Golden hackles and saddles in some

Cream cockerel and "recesive white" cocopop hen. They will produce colors in cocopop.

Captain Cocopop son we owned from Grady Taylor.

Chest lacing in some males.

Great Serama personalities

Dark Chocolate Cocopop

Pumpkin Cocopop