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Lulin Serama

"Quality Begets Quality"

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We have American Serama youngsters available for sale.
      Weather dictates when we ship. We are shipping as long as your weather is good also.

            We are located in West Central Florida.   We do not sell eggs or baby chicks.

We are having difficulties in posting photos to the webpage.
 Please contact us and we will send photos by email of chickens for sale.

We have others available. "Contact us" with link in left column       


#588 and #589 Black American Serama pullets Sisters  Hatched 5/5/14  Out of Ch. Black Coal  Both laying eggs.  Price $75.00 each.These are SOLD.   (Have more black pullets available.)

#47  Black American Serama cockerel  hatched 3/24/14   out of #6278 x black hen
       19oz.  proven fertile.  yellow legs and feet, nice type and temperament. Price $75.00 SOLD