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Lulin Serama

"Quality Begets Quality"

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Here is a variety of different brooder boxes, brooder cages & grow out pens that we use. To hatch, we use "henabators",  Brinsea and Genesis incubators.

2 days old

2 weeks old

After 4 weeks they go outside in these brooders with lights.

Then Grow out cages-

 Then from here to on the ground in grow out pens, with flat perches and auto waterers. 

"How to build your own cages" Scroll down.

2x4 table 8 foot long and 36 inches high,braced legs and thin wood top.

Cage made of 1x2 and 1x1 furring strip wood, covered with metal lath 8 foot long x 27inch high.
(no floor, just remove from table so cleaning is easy)

Divided in two for separating birds.

Cut out doors, wrap metal edges with plastic door shields and tie wrap larger doors on front.
Cover interior with newspaper and large pine shavings.

Add water, feed and birds!

Show training shed-

Our next project is a 12 x 32 foot greenhouse with shaded roofing to house everything together.

Show cages on the table on carpet for training.