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Lulin Serama

"Quality Begets Quality"

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We try to breed the best quality hens. This is a key ingredient in our motto of "quality begets quality".  We have some extremely beautiful black hens and whites, Exchequers, wheatens,  and cocopop hens.  They will carry on our American Serama breeding program.

Our first Champion Lulin Just a Joy.
 She won Champion Pullet the Cajun Classic, 2010
  Joy is a wheaten hen.
  She weighted 10.9 ounces

Here is Lulin Babe   Babe  weighed 10.45 ounces. At the SSC 2010, she scored very well with missing tail feathers. Her pullet scored with a Quality award.

This is Lulin Sophia.   Her weight is 16.0 ounces.  She is a super broody hen with typey chicks.

Lulin Snow Angel. Champion White Hen and Best of Breed at APA in cage judging Inverness, FL. 2011. Super producer.

Lulin Speckles.  Choclate white hen

Champion Lulin Gilda. 
Best of Breed in cage judging AOV Serama, Inverness, Fl. show. 
Reserve Champion pullet, Tabletop judging, Monroe, GA. Champion Pullet-Tabletop judging, Jefferson GA.
 Reserve Champion Pullet Tabletop Judging, Dalton, GA.
Champion Hen 2012 Tabletop Calhoun, GA.

Young White American Serama pullet.  2016 and going strong.

This is Lulin Ginger Lace.  She is a proven fertile hen with a beautiful pattern of light lace on her body and tail.  Ginger weighed 12.8 ounces. She is produced very nice chicks and a good broodie. 

This is Lulin Jamaica.  A small wheaten hen .  Jamaica weights 10.8 ounces.  Jamaica is a very good broody. Her daughters and granddaughters score very well at the shows. Reserve Champion hen- Dalton, GA. 2012

Multiple Champion Lulin Diamond White.    A beautiful typey American Serama.

2 time Champion Pullet Lulin Lolita.  From our black project.

Ch. Lulin Black 95s.
(Was formerly on our for sale page and no one bought her, we showed her!) Now in Breeding pen.

Chocalate Hen  -has produced very nice offspring.