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Lulin Serama

"Quality Begets Quality"

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We have some very nice roosters at this time for our breeding program. There are more and will post photos.

 This is  Lulin The Black.   Our first black from an auction from Paradise Seramas.  The start of our black project.

This is Champion Lulin "Birchen".  Have his sons and grandsons breeding now.
 Feb.4 2012 GRAND CHAMPION OF SHOW 170 entered.

This is Ch. Lulin Cafe Con Leche, Best in Table Top show 2013-  has his own hens now and reproducing himself. Has sons and daughters and grand kids breeding very well.

#8881 Chocolate American Serama.  We have a viable line breeding ongoing with chocolate.

"The Colonel" Cocoapop American Serama 2017
Champion Lulin X Factor.  Best of Breed White American Serama. ABA/APA Reserve SCCL Monroe, GA   Sons and daughters now breeding.


This is Ch. Lulin American Idol., Best in Table Top Show. He was 16.7 oz.   Definitely a producer.  Sons and daughters producing very well.


#6405  Champion White American Serama,. Best of Breed in cage ABA/APA show.

This is  Ch. Lulin Oreo Cookie    Exchequeur American Serama.  With age, color is more white/ black with age.  We have Very typey breeding coming down this line.

"Idol" Grandson-  Attitude plus!