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Lulin Serama

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A Silkied American Serama can be born from two smooth parents because the gene is recessive. Their featherings are far less "fluffy" than seen on Silkies because the feathers of the Silkied American Serama have a certain hardness. They still carry the single comb, no top knot nor feathered legs.  The Silkied American Serama will be a different "breed" for acceptance by the national poultry clubs in America and Europe.    These are some of the Silkied American Seramas that have been bred from our smooths carrying this recessive.  They are soft, adorable and sweet birds.

A very young Lulin Cotton out of our Ch. Lulin X-Factor. spring 2011

Grownup Ch. Lulin Cotton

2011 cockerel

2012 pullet

2011 hen  Lulin Silk Stockings

2012 Champion Silkied American Serama


From Wheaten stock.

2012 cockerel