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Lulin Serama

"Quality Begets Quality"

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This is our progress with our breeding program with the White American Serama. This white is a dominant white.
Scroll down. We have some very nice smooths and frizzled.

1St Generation-
White male and 2 white hens from Dianne Brewer.
(photos to follow)

4th and 5th generations

 Almost 6 months young cockerel.  

Sept. 2013


2nd Generation-

Ch. Lulin X-Factor , reserve SCCL Monroe Ga., BOB 3 times.2011+2012

Ch. Lulin Snow Angel- BOB Inverness show 2011


 3rd Generation-                                           

Spring 2012  very young pullet

Spring 2012  recessive Silkied cockerel


2015  Sold this pair.