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December 2017-  The big AKC National Championship Dog show was held in Orlando Florida this year and we got to see some old friends who traveled south for the fun. Went to lunch with our buddy Armando and ate great food!  Those shows are one whole week in the middle of the month.     We were able to spent the Christmas holiday at home together.  Nice.   The New Year has so much to offer!  Can't wait.  The young Seramas are looking very good and we should be taking photos to send out and post on the website for January.   Lake City Poultry show is the first weekend of the year. 


November 2017 -  Beautiful weather for working outside!  The chickens are doing great and a few were shipped out to new owners.  Wishing them all well.  Car Cruise ins are great fun and love parking the Vette and Mustang at the shows and chatting with fellow car enthusiasts.   


October 2017-   Working outside a lot more now that the weather is cooling down.  Working with the American Seramas more ,too! Went to the Central Florida Poultry Breeders show in Inverness, Fl. and showed a few birds.  The Frizzled White Pullet took BOB in one show and the Smooth White in the second.  Very happy with the show and sold some really good birds at the show as well.  Some newbies have great starts with American Seramas.  The Amercian Serama Association had a booth there but their table top show had been cancelled.  That was a disappointment as the Table is where these birds really shine.  Their personalities are super for people to see and interact with the chickens.

Well, back outside to "winterize" the flock and get ready for the cold weather.  ( Yes! here in Central and north Florida it DOES get cold at night and a few weeks of the year.) 

The dog shows are ramping up here in Florida these next few months.  Looking forward to seeing our doggie friends.


September 2017-   What a hot spring and summer!  Had a few procedures done on us to improve our health.  Details are boring, but feeling better now. Those Marlex Minpin pups are now Champions and Showing in the Specials ring.  Chicks have grown out and turning out very nice. The weather has cooled enough to start shipping them, so we are busy taking photos and putting them on the For sale page. 

 We all "dodged a bullet" as Cat 5 Hurricane Irma jogged east and lowered to a Cat 2 before hitting us.  Some downed trees to chain saw up and fence to mend, not counting all the hurricane prep work that had to be done. That is when you pack all your mementos and tune up the generator and clear the yard of flying objects! Don't forget the hassle of shopping empty shelves and storing supplies. Lol, life in Florida. 

We are planting more flowering shrubs and trees, of course...More work but rewarding. The chickens faired very well and, as far as quality, this is our best bunch yet!  They look as colorful as the flowers we have and we do enjoy them, even with the work.


February 2017-  Happy Valentines Day!!  Some very pretty seramas are being shipped out. lucky new owners! We are trying to cut down on some of the work load and make room for other interests too.  Car Cruise ins for one!


January 2017-  Hens raising their chicks, Shipping out Seramas and babysitting some beautiful Marlex Minpin puppies.  Got to keep busy!  lol


Happy new Year!  2017.



November and December 2016 flew by.  Lots of chores and preparing for winter. "Henabators" had baby chicks. :)  Added English Budgies to the mix. lol  More work. Thank you Tim.


October 2016- Chores fill the days. Cleaning and general maintenance of our flock.  The weather is cooling off the nights nicely and more can be accomplished outside.  The car shows are much more pleasant with this weather.  Shipping birds is now in the right temperature, too. Attended the Central Florida Poultry Breeders show in Inverness, Fl.  Best of Breed with our White American Serama cockerel.


September 2016-  Hot, hot, hot!   Predators proved to be a problem this month.  Hawks and owls culled down the flock of Modern game bantams we had running outside.  Went to a few car shows and the Ocala dog shows.  We added to the "family" with some English budgies in the sun room. Lol,  we are crazy about bird noises.


August 2016-  Well, we added the floor cages for the breeders with auto feeders and waters to be soon installed.  Thanks to Tim Neives from our local poultry club that we belong to,  the Central Florida Poultry Breeders Association.  Great group of poultry people.   Now we can take the photos of the breeders and show potential birds that we will put for sale.

July 2016-  Month full of our health issues and lots of HEAT!  It was Hot!  Luis attended a few dog shows with Armando and they did very well.  We attended the Perry, Ga. dog shows and had lots of fun.   Chicks growing and rate of viability is greater than ever.

June 2016- Were did the days go?!?!  New chicks born, puppies finished, MinPin National in May, health issues galore, new sun room and carports, paved the driveway, lawns are lovely,  flowers blooming.  whew!  For being downsized there is still a lot of work!
Have to now downsize the American Seramas and Modern Game Bantams.  We will be taking photos and posting them for sale. Still have the Tampa dog shows to get through and it is the start of our hurricane season.  lol.

March 2016- Luis drove to a Poultry show in Calhoun Georgia with Justin Johnson.  He showed some American Seramas on Table top at the SE Serama club.  Came home with Champion Pullet , Reserve Ch. Cockerel and some real high scores on the others.  They met some newbies that did very well and met with old friends too.  Good outing for the both of them. APA Judges Tommy Lee and Bob Bridges judged about 100 American seramas. 

Wow what a winter!  We finally sold our home in January and moved us, chickens, dogs and everything to a downsized home and property.   Whew!!  We did have some chickens too stressed with the cold, wet, blustery winds at the new setup to make it. Some health issues slowed us down, but  with the help of our friend Justin Johnson, we managed to get everything all settled in.  Now we are in the process of some new facilities for the dogs and chickens and adding to our new home.   No one tells you how much you have to downsize everything!   We do love our new property and home now. With the upcoming warm weather,  we will be posting chickens on the Seramas For Sale page shortly.

We did attend the dog shows in February and our newest puppies that we co-bred and own with our friend Armando,  showed at their first shows.  The super finish to his championship of "Rooney" , Ch. Marlex Lulin Maroon Fire was a new record!  25 hours for 3 five point majors for this gorgeous puppy to finish!  His sister,  Marlex Lulin Sapphire is only a few points away from her championship.  They were every breeders dream team! 

November 2015-   We are very busy this month as our home is sold and we hunted and found  just the right place.

October 2015-   The month is zooming by!  We have a litter of Miniature pinschers growing up in the family room and their antics are making us smile and laugh every day. Sorry, none are available.         The grow out pens of American Seramas are yielding some very promising youngsters and we have sold a few. The Modern Game Bantams are really coming on strong.  We sold most of our Splash youngsters and have Birchens and a few Silver blues available.  The Central Florida Poultry Breeders show is the 23rd of this month and we will bring Moderns and Sebrights for showing and sale.

September 1st, 2015-  Wow, what a hot summer!   Lots of babies born and growing out to be quite nice! We had the flock tested for AI and PT with all the rest of tests and we received an all clear with our PIP number.  The cocks are starting to definitely re-produce themselves with the correct combination of hens.  The hens are showing their true colors also.  This is a great step forward AND retaining type first and foremost. Cockerels and pullets are developing very nicely.  It is now cool enough to ship and they are getting to the right age to evaluate. We are starting to add some for sale to our website"Seramas For Sale" page.

March 2015-  Took 8 American Seramas to the Central Florida Poultry Breeders show in Inverness, FL and attended the Table Top show put on by the ASA.  We took Reserve Best in Open Show with our Black hen and Champion Cockerel.  Gary Brewer was the Judge.  Won BOB in Cage with our White Cockerel at the First show.    

February 2015-  Took some time off and went camping at Rainbow Springs.  It was wonderful and very relaxing.  Worked hard to keep all the chickens nice and warm and they are maturing very well.

January 2015-  Wow, Happy New Year!   We just ended the Florida Classic 10 Dog Shows here in Brooksville, Florida.  Our friend Armando showed the young pups and finished both of "Classie's" pups with majors at these shows (the boy, Ch. Marlex Born to be Royal and the girl, Ch. Marlex Royal Jubilee)   and has won 4 majors with the young pup we cobred with him,  "Stormy". Marlex Lulin Wave Rider.  He now has 14 points toward his championship.  One more to go!

January 25, 2015  After the Ocala, Florida dog shows this past weekend...  NEW CHAMPION!! Ch. Marlex Lulin Wave Rider.!!!    Congratulations to his owner Ann Parman.

Sister - Marlex Lulin Heat Wave, won 4 majors and has 12 points towards her Championship! She is a beauty!  Photos by Leah Monte. 

Their Brother "Tay"  Marlex Lulin Making Waves, now has both his majors with 8 points towards his Championship!  Congratulations to his owners Phyllis Sklar and Kyle!
That is the whole litter and they are all wonderful representatives of the breed.

On the 17th,  we went to Jefferson Georgia to the NEGAPFC poultry show and......
Champion Table Top    Peach State Serama Club                Reserve Champion Table Top! Peach State Serama Club
We had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones!  The American Seramas were awesome!

December 2014-    We both had more medical situations and hospital visits to cope with this year than we ever wanted!
 The Amercian Seramas are growing and finally being evaluated for sale and who will be the new breeders and show hopefuls for the upcoming year.  The Modern Game Bantams have done exceedingly well this year, also. 
We have culled and made decisions as all breeders must.  Who ever leaves for new homes or stays is, in our opinion, worthy of being called an American Serama.
The Eukanuba National AKC championship show in Orlando is over.  Linda did her thing as judge for the Toy Fox Terrier sweepstakes at the Amercian Toy Fox Terrier club National show.  Our friend Armando won Best of Breed in the minpin ring and Best Bred By Exhibitor Group 3 with his Champion "Blaze". 
The weather is nice during the day 60-70's,  an has dropped to the 30-40's at night. Winter in our part of Florida!    Love it!

July 2014-  
Well, we made it through some medical issues that we both had.  It takes it's toll as you get older.  The heat is Florida normal.  90's with 100 percent humidity! 
The brooders and grow out cages are full and they look better than ever.  Our breeding program is really paying off with nice type and super nice chicks.  Had visits from new American Serama enthusiasts and the future is in good hands.

These are the nests all done for the spring hatches, Bleached and Oxine cleaned'. Now just one or two incubators still on.

June 2014-
 We had a great visit from Armando and he saw Ch. Sargon Cash & Bold & Beautiful  "Brook" 's 3 new Minpin puppies from "Classie"'s brother,  Ch. "Julio".
 Also our Ch. Lulin Travis Delight's pups from our National BISS Ch. "Moji". 

We have a nice hatch of our first silver seabrights and some beautiful modern game bantams in 4 different varieties.  The American Serama chicks are showing great potential and are some of the typiest chicks we have had to date!  Some beautiful colors coming up.  This was a great hatching.

May 2014-   Ah!! May flowers!  Love having coffee outside and watching the flowers grow. (After taking care of the doggies and chickens!)  Chicks galore outside in grow cages and brooder boxes.  As you can see, we have some Dutch Bantam Paint Silkies and Modern Game Bantams in the pens also.  It will be a fine show season in the fall!  They look very promising.  Some will be available at 5 - 6 months old.   We even have baby wild bunnies sheltering in under the chickens roof.  This one was very wet from the thunderstorm.

April 2014-   Well,  the one and only BISA, BISS Gr Ch. Marlex Red Glare, "Classie" has set the record as the Top Toy Dog in the USA (or anywhere) with over 132 BISA and won the MPCA National for the 3rd time!!  She is one on a billion!
Congratulations to our friends Armando Angelbello and Leah Monte, coowners and Carol Rio-Mohr her breeder.

We had friends stop by and talked " chickens"  this month. We got our pair of silver seabrights from Tom Carey after being on his list for the past year or so.  
 We also sent off a few American Seramas to people waiting for their weather to warm up to receive their chickens. It was a cold winter up north!  Luis bought a new incubator, and has a lot of eggs "brewing"!!  The chicks are looking very promising in their brooders and grow cages.

March 2014   Our health issues are very demanding this month.  We have set our breeders up and have the incubators running full steam!

February 2014-  Westminster KC,  The marvelous "Classie" wins the TOY DOG GROUP at the WKC!!!  She was honored as the TOP TOY DOG OF 2013!!  What a thrill to watch!!   Luis and I attended the 4 day Dog show cluster in Lakeland, Fl. and watched Classie and Armando win Best in Show #122 with her co-owner Leah Monte.  We went to dinner with Leah and Armando the night before and toasted "Classie's" win at WKC.  Great weekend, again.   Now we hear that she just won BIS number 123 in Tallahassee!!  She is undeniable!  LOL. 

We are preparing for the Central Poultry Breeders Association show in Inverness, Fl. this coming weekend.

Our chicks are growing in the brooders and are looking very promising for the coming show year.

January 2014!!! - Yea, Happy New Year!!  Luis and I toasted the New Year together and ate our 12 grapes each and threw the pan of water out the front door!  Our tradition, LOL.  A grape for each new month to come and the water to gather any bad vibes together from last year and OUT THE DOOR! 

We welcomed our Minpin and doggy friends at the Florida Classic Cluster of Shows here in Brooksville Florida and had our friend Armando stay with us.  It was great to see our friends and watched the show in some COLD weather for Florida!  All outdoor venue for 10 shows!   The incredible "Classie" is up to her 120th BIS!!!  Watching her is watching history in the making. Watch it, big boy!

We went to Tarpon Springs at the sponge docks and had Greek food on the day off from showing.

We did travel to Jefferson, GA for the Northeast Georgia Poultry Association Club, Double show. We took our travel trailer and stayed at the show grounds. Our American Seramas did great!  Our 2 White cockerels won Best of Variety and Best of Breed in the First show and then in the second show!  Luis took 9 different American Seramas up to the Table top Competition for judge Tom Carey.  He won Grand Champion with our Champion Cock, cocoapop American Serama Lulin American Idol. His White took Reserve Grand and Champion Cockerel.  The Black Hen won Champion Hen  and  our mottled pullet won Champion American Serama Pullet.  This was not a catwalk!  There was very tough competition up on the Table top show.
Idol as a youngster.Now.

We took the travel trailer to Ocala, FL for the Gator Classic dog shows and had a blast!  The Take the Lead party by Larry Cornelius and Marcelo Veras was just super! The theme was "Prom Nite" and the pool side dancing and the stilt dancers from Disney were just great!  Gourmet Food and open bar, what more could you ask!
!Sidney Good, Armando, Chuck Woods.  Luis took photo!

December 2013-  It was a wonderful December.  We went to the AKC National Championship Eukanuba show in Orlando, Florida and the Show on Wednesday and Friday that week.  We saw old friends and met some wonderful new ones.  Congratulations to our good friend, Armando Angelbello winning Owner Handler for the year with the incredible Multiple BIS Grand Champion Marlex Classic Red Glare,  Miniature pinscher super star!   He and his wife, Xio, won Toy Dog Group Breeders of 2013.  What an accomplishment!  "Classie won her #113th and #114th Best of show at these shows.  We all went to dinner together and had a blast.This is Luis and Linda. Armando and Classie in the ring.Armando, "Classie", Joanne Wilds, Luis, and Linda

We sent out some wonderful American Seramas to people around the country to start up they own flocks and help with color projects. It was very rewarding to have people interested in our birds.  We culled very hard to make sure that only good quality chickens would carry on the breed in the future.  It is very, very hard to make those decisions and not lose sight of your type and potential to breed very good chickens. Thank you to all the good compliments and heartfelt thank you's.

November 2013-
 WOW!!  We traveled to Dalton, GA to the Carpet City Bantam Poultry Show and we had a blast! We also did so great winning.  Our cocopop cock bird, Lulin Cafe con Leche, won Grand Champion of the Table Top show under  ABA/APA judge Tommy Allan Lee.  Our White cock bird, #6405, son of the X-Factor, won the in Cage Open Show Best of Breed under judge Tim Bowles. Our Mottled cock won Reserve BV AOV. On Table Top, Lulin CeeCee, our mottled hen, won Champion Hen and her daughter won Champion Pullet. There were some awesome American Seramas there and this was a wonderful winning day!

                       Bowing to the judge!  Showoff!  He strutted, he flapped, he starred the judge straight in the eye!

      Just seeing old friends and having great laughs around the Table top show table was very uplifting.  Linda took the show photos and posted them all to the Peach State Serama website under the Photos page.  Our friend Judy Schultheis of Sunnychic Bantams won the Best of Breed with her Dutch Bantam Hen.  Congratulations, Judy!!

 We got to watch our friend Armando Angelbello win two more AKC Best in Shows with his Minpin Grand Champion Marlex Classic Red Glare " Classie". She now has 112 BIS's.  The most winningest Minpin in History!  UPDATE now #114 BISs!!

October 2013-
 We showed at the Central Florida Poultry Breeders show in Inverness Florida yesterday and, as always, we had a great time!!  Showed our American Seramas and Modern Game Bantams and did extremely well!  Luis placed his new Lemon Blue MGB pullet up on to Championship Row in the seconded show and got some great comments from the judges.   We Received Best of Breed and Reserve BOB American Serema in both shows.  Best of Variety and Reserve in the Black American Serama and Best Variety AOV and Reserve.  Luis won at the raffle, a pair of Silver blue Birchen MGBs; and I won a planter, seeds and a cute metal frog!  Saw friends and talked to people about American Seramas. 
BOB  First show                                BOB second show           Best Variety

September 2013- 
 Well, it finally cooled off a bit mid-September and we got to fill a few requests for American Seramas.  Now we must choose out our 2013 cockerels and pullets for the upcoming shows this fall and winter.

August 2013- 
Way too hot!  Put most all the hens on the ground in resting pens to scratch and rest from breeding. The males all get a break, too.   Our health issues kept Luis and I very busy this month.  A little vacation time was in order.

July 2013-
 Now the chicks go through an growing spurt stage and we have to be careful culling.  Have sold a few youngsters to 4Hers and friends.  Starting to see some beautiful birds taking shape.

June 2013-
 Growing chicks and trying to beat the start of the heat!

May 2013- 
Chicks hatched out and in brooder boxes and grow out pens! Very nice looking babies with a lot of potential.  Luis has been out to the AKC dog shows with his friend, Armando, and finished our latest Miniature Pinscher, Now Ch. Lulin Marlex Holiday Cheer. "Adele" was a very easy finish in 3 weekends out.  Great movement and type and temparment can't be beat!
 Now, back to the chickens!

April 2013-
 Was a time for us to get well , spring aches and colds. (we ARE getting old you know!) and setting up our breeders and incubators and "henabators" to produce the newest batches of chicks. We have planned our breedings for the best quality of chicks to represent the American Serama in showing and in the breed boxes. Some very nice birds have been sold and sent out.

March 2013-
 Just sold a bunch of nice quality birds to reduce our stock.  Luis has culled very heavily, this past winter,  to make sure that, what is represented at the shows, is the best we can produce.
 It is nice to see all the winning around the country that some of our birds have achieved.  

February 2013-
 We have been hampered by our health this month and have attended only one show for the season so far.  Inverness, Florida was close by and we did win Best of Breed incage, with our White Pullet.   As the allotted number of exhibitors did not make it to this show, the Table Top show was deleted.  We did have a nice time with our friends, Malcolm and Linda Coleman from Georgia, representing the Peach State club.  The quality shown was very nice.

January 2013-
  Wow, we were awarded the honor of ASA 2012 Exhibitor of the Year!! Top quality breeding practices does pay off!
We want to wish a big Congratulations to all the exhibitors at the APA/ABA and ASA shows that showed their American Seramas to the poultry fancy throughout the country and Canada.  This was the first year that the breed has been recognized by the Poultry organizations, APA and ABA.  It was a thrill to show our wonderful little birds.

December 2012-  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our poultry friends!
Congratulations to John Rogers on his Champion Cockerel and Champion Silkied Cockerel  win at Dalton, GA!!  Congratulations to Malcolm on his Champion Hen!!

November 2012-   Well Luis and I both had a quiet Thanksgiving together.  We were both were hit with very bad colds and, over two weeks later, we are just getting better. The birds are doing great and the new shed for them is coming all together,... slowing due to our age and health! 

We heard that Malcolm Coleman won the Table Top show in South Carolina with his Black 626 from Luis.
Congratulations, Malcolm and Linda Coleman! 
Shipped out some beautiful Modern Game Bantams this month.  May their new owners have lots of fun breeding and showing them!
Getting ready for the November show circuit! We love showing these wonderful little birds.

October 20th, 2012-
 ASA Best In Show Table Top Judging!!  Luis won with his young Birchen cockerel out of Ch. Lulin Birchen!!
He drove up with his friend Rex Phillips and they had a great time at the Fancy Fowl Poultry show in Monroe, GA.  Judging was APA/ABA Judge Tommy Lee. 
Champion Cock was Ch. Lulin 76ers.
Reserve Ch. Hen was Ch. Lulin Gilda
Great high scores for a lot of Lulin American Seramas!
The Modern Game Bantams did well with BV in Splash, Lemon Blue and Red Pyle.
THank you to the Fancy Fowl Club, the ASA, and Judge Tommy Lee!!

October 13th, 2012-
WOW!!! ASA National 2012  Best In Show Winner and incage ABA/APA judging BV and BB!!!!!!!  Luis won with his little white pullet.  She is a beauty and showed like a real pro!!  The Lulin birds did extremely well and we got some great compliments on our breeding program.
 The white pullet, Lulin Diamond White, Champion White Pullet, Champion Pullet, and Best in Show.
 Our white cockerel, Lulin AM Son, won Reserve Champion White Cockerel
 Lulin Diamond Lil, white pullet, won Reserve Champion White Pullet to her sister.
 Lulin Gilda, our wheaten hen, won Champion Hen.
 Lulin Just a Joy, dark wheaten, won Reserve Champion Hen.
 Lulin CeeCee, a black and white mottled, won Champion AOV Pullet.
 Lulin Cotton, White Silkied, won Champion Silkied Cock, Reserve Champion Cock of Show, and Reserve Male Silkied.
 Lulin Sun Kissed, wheaten silkied pullet, won Reserve Champion Silkied Pullet.

Congratulations to all the other Winners with Champions in this First Annual National of the American Serama Association!!!
And Congratulations to our wonderful hosts for our National, Gary and Dianne Brewer, and our prestigious Judges Gary Overton and Edgar Mongold.  

The welcoming party at coop in was a great success and we got to meet all our American Serama Friends, chat and have supper with everyone.   The day was Sunny and beautiful with light breezes,  Perfect day for a show!  Everyone was last minute grooming and cleaning birds, checking the coop in tags and cages for water and a light breakfast before judging.  Everything moved along very smoothly.  In cage judging was done early and the  Table Top Judging was started with  introductions from Dianne Brewer.

It was a great day!

  October 2012-  Getting ready for the ASA National to be held  Saturday, October 13th!  Bathing and grooming already underway.
              It will be Exciting to see all our friends and all the great birds!   There will be food and American Seramas and lots
              of fun. 

September 8th 2012-
     Wow, what a show!  NW Georgia Poultry show with ASA sanctioned Table Top show put on by the Peach State Serama Club.  Luis's Lemon Blue Modern Game Bantam Pullet won NW Georgia Poultry Club Best in Show!!  Wow!!

     On the Table Top show, we won Reserve Best in Show with our BBR American Serama Cockerel. The Big winner was Jason Myrick with his Champion Cock American Serama taking Best in Table Top show.   Congratulations, Jason!
    We won Champion Silkied American Serama with Lulin Cotton, a white silkied cock, Champion Hen with Lulin Gilda, a wheaten; and Champion Pullet with one of our Black pullets.

   In Cage Judging, our White American Serama Pullet won Best of Breed in both NW GA shows.
     I took notice of a lovely wheaten hen being shown by one of the Junior Exhibitors, Olivia Katz.  I mentioned to Luis that she looked like one of our wheatens.   I found out two days later that she is!  Olivia won Reserve Best in Show Junior Exhibitor!! Congratulations Olivia!!

July 2012
It is Hot,hot,hot!  We are watching our chicks grow and taking good care of the youngsters and adults. It is a lot of work but very rewarding to get some very nice birds out of our breedings.  We took photos of some young cockerels and put a few on the 2012 hopefuls page.  Another generation of possible champions!
We will do the pullets next week.

 Whew!  Taking a break from the show ring.  The Miniature Pinscher Club of America had their National in Arizona this year.  Our Friend, Armando won Top Twenty Award with BIS CH. Marlex Classic Red Glare and went on that week in Arizona to Win another Best in Show!!  Our friend, Aileen Hinkle won Winners bitch at the Arizona Specialty show with her own Breeding from Ch. Lulin Unbridled American "Ricky".  Congratulations to all the winners at the Nationals!!

March 2012
First ever Panhandle Poultry Club show in Pensacola, Florida and we were there! The ASA, American Serama Association, Florida contingent was there at the first show for this gracious club.  We held our Table Top Judging with ASA Judge, Jack Payne giving highest honors to Jason Merick with his Champion Cockerel, Best in Show.  We gathered the honor of Champion Hen with our Black hen,  took photos of the occasion, and helped the clerk, Pam Payne. We had a great turn out of exhibitors and birds to show off our wonderful little birds and it drew a great crowd of new American Serama lovers!

 Carpet City Bantam Show in Dalton GA- The APA did their test judging of the American Serama starting with the white variety at this show.  We needed over 50 white American Seramas entered and they were judged by Matt Lhamon of Ohio who is an APA/ABA ASA judge.  There was an additional 100 AOV (any other variety) American seramas enter as well!  The Carpet City show was a double show so we were being judged all day long. This was while we did our Table Top judging, that is so enticing for show exhibitors to watch.  Our Lulin X-Factor , White American Serama, won Best Variety and Best of Breed for the In-Cage APA/ABA Show!    Edgar Mongold, President of the ASA and ABA/ASA judge, judged the Table Top ASA show. We had a few reserves and a Champion Cock ( Lulin Birchen) and Champion Silkied. (Lulin Cotton) Lulin X-Factor took Reserve in Show Table Top.   A very nice drive home!Congratulation to Dianne Brewer for Best In Show Table Top!

February 18th, 2012.
  A long drive but worth every mile!  The Table Top judging was done by Judge Jack Payne and we won Champion Cock and Champion Hen. When the Champions went back to the table,  Our Champion cock, Lulin 76ers, Won Best in Table Top Show- Best of Breed!!
THEN, in the ABA/APA in Cage Judging, Our Champion Lulin Birchen Won Best AOV American Serama! APA licensedJudge, Sam Brush, Texas.
Our young cockerel, Lulin Cyber Black, won the Reserve AOV American Serama Incage judging.
(I guess our Black project is doing well!)

 Wow! We have a super time at the Peach State Serama show in Dalton, GA at the NW GA Poultry Show on 2-4-2012! Our Lulin Birchen took the Grand Show Champion at the TT show!!  His photo is on our Rooster page.  Judges for the show were Gary Brewer doing all males and Dianne Brewer doing all the females.  They grouped together to do the Grand Championship and the Juniors.  Juniors were a terrific bunch of young serama enthusiatists!  The photos are on the Peach State website.

Lulin 76ers took Reserve Champion Cock and Lulin Gilda took Reserve Champion Pullet.   Luis fared very well with his Modern Game Bantams, with over 100 entered.  He took 1st place in the Brown Red  Pullet class (only entered 1) and Best of Variety in Lemon Blue with a pullet.  Showed our first Splash and won BV.

January 2012-
  Drove over 7 hours to Jefferson, GA to attend the Northwest Georgia Poultry Fanciers Association show.  What a treat! 
        We had a great time with the Peach State Council and many other poultry exhibitors.  It was a great day for Junior American Serama exhibitors!  26 entries and 6 juniors.  An American Serama record!   We did not do too bad!.  We had the Champion Hen that went to go Reserve Best of Breed.  The Best of Breed was Dianne Brewer's Champion Cock.
      Lulin Birchen went Champion Cockerel and Lulin Gilda, our beautiful wheaton, took Champion Pullet.   We also won the Reserve Champion Hen and Pullet.
      Linda helped some juniors the night before with a little training help and took photos of the show.
     Our Modern Game Bantams did well too.  The lemon-blue Pullet took Best of Variety,  The Pullet took Best of Variety and the Splash Cockerel took Best of Variety.  A beautiful little Birchen hen took Best of Breed.

November 2011-
We had a great time at the Dalton, Georgia show.  Met with old and new friends and did some winning. Our young wheaten hen, Lulin Gilda, won Champion Pullet at the Table Top Judging under judge Art Brock.  Our white cockerel, Lulin X Factor, won Reserve Champion Cockerel.  Grand Champion was a Blue cock from Grady Taylor.
The MGB's did great, winning BV Black with a pullet and RV Best of Breed. All of the moderns placed very well at the show.
Great show in Inverness Florida, 11-5-11.  Our Lulin X Factor, white cockerel won Best in Show Table Top White American Serama.  Lulin Lolita, our beautiful black pullet, won Best Pullet  tabletop.  Our black Cock, Lulin 76'er, won Best Cock Tabletop.   Our White American Serama Hen won the in cage APA Judging as Best of Breed, White Serama; and our beautiful young wheaten pullet, won in cage APA judging Best of Breed, AOV Serama. will post photos. 
Luis's Modern Game Bantams did extremely well. Black Pullet, BV and Best of Breed the first show and made Champion. His Lemon Blue Hen won BV both shows. His Brown Red pullet won Reserve Best of Breed, 2nd show.
We met with the best serama fellow breeders, exhibitors from Florida and Georgia! Had a great time talking and seeing all the beautiful birds.  Congratulations to Walter Rehl, who won Junior Best in Show Seramas and Best of Breed Junior with his Modern Game Bantams!
October 2011
 What a wonderful trip to Georgia for the Fancy Poultry Show in Monroe!  10-22-11 met with old and new friends in the Serama world and Modern Game Bantam guys. Our white serama cockerel, Lulin X Factor, Won the In Cage ABA/APA judging as Best Variety and Best of Breed and the first serama to win Reserve Champion SCCL!!  Judged by Anthony Ashley, S.C.
Then with the Table Top judging, He won Best of Breed White Serama and Reserve Champion Best in Show!  Judged by Dianne Brewer of Paradise Seramas.  We also Won  TableTop Champion Pullet with one of our black Pullets! And a host of placings with our other entries
Luis's Moderns did us very proud with his Champion Lemon Blue Hen winning Best Variety and his New Champion Brown Red Pullet winning Best Variety also!
August 2011
 Boy,  it has been hot and humid this summer!  Heat stroke is always a problem with working outside in this heat.  Fans are on for the chickens.  We are now facing our first threat of a hurricane this year.  Hopefully , we are fully prepared.  The serama are hatching out very slowly and the brooders are filling up.  The black color project  is coming along nicely.  
June 2011   
 Luis had his first hatch of Marans this month and now we have added Black and Copper, Wheaton and Cuckoo
                              Marans to Lulin Poultry!  The Lavender Orpingtons are doing great and are beautiful!  Modern Game chicks are
                              filling the brooders, also we have a multitude of colorful Seramas! What a bounty of lovely chickens.
May 17th,2011
 Luis back from the Miniature Pinscher nationals.
  Ch. Lulin Let's Get It On at Marlex won the Best in Futurity 2011 and Best Junior Sweepstakes and Award of Merit   and Select at the Local  Specialty and National Specialty show.  Our Lavender buff orpingtons have hatched (beautiful!).  Have some really nice up and coming serama chicks hatched also.
April 24, 2011  Happy Easter!!
                       Our Midget White Turkeys have hatched and we have 12 chicks and more buff orpingtons. Luis set 14 lavender
                      orpington eggs jsut a few days ago and both Genisis incubators are filled with serama and Modern game bantam
                      eggs.   Have 3 brooders running with serama chicks and the grow out pens are busy!  
March, 2011   St Patrick's day hatch of our Buff orpington chicks in our Brinsea Incubator. sold.
                     Had some last month and sold them all. Seramas are hatching out regularly and our first silkie serama was born. 
                     Walter, the young fellow that bought his seramas and Modern Game Bantams from us, won Best Breed at the State              Fair and 2 blue ribbons.   We are thrilled for him.
February, 2011 
 We have had a few very nice young serama chicks born from our black project.  Looking good!  Brooders by Rex are full and working perfectly. Have set up our pairs and trios for our spring hatches.  Some very interesting colors and groupings.
January 9th 2011
We attended the Jefferson GA Poultry show and Serama meet.  Our lemon-blue Modern Game Bantam hen took Best Variety.
                         The Table Top judging was great and Luis won Best White Serama with his white pullet and Reserve in Show with his Wheaton Pullet.    It was a great day and Linda took videos of the whole show.